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Quiz 23 Answers - When You Winterize

Key to Answers:
1b; 2c; 3a; 4c; 5c; 6c; 7b; 8a; 9c; 10c

1. What number should you enter on your storage card?
a. Motor ID
b. Compression test results
c. LOA

2. What do you do with your boat's battery?
a. Ground it
b. Empty it
c. Disconnect it

3. The propeller shaft should be:
a. Greased
b. Wiped dry
c. Sanded smooth

4. How do you winterize your boat's salt water systems?
a. Fill to capacity and seal
b. Add antifreeze
c. Drain them

5. And the fresh water systems?
a. Add salt
b. Insulate
c. Add antifreeze or drain

6. Where's the best place to store drain plugs in a pulled boat?
a. In the bait well
b. Replace in drain
c. Tied to helm in plastic bag

7. What about modular instruments, stereo, speakers, power supplies?
a. Plastic wrap and seal
b. Remove and tag
c. Pack with desiccant in place

8. How do you deal with the fuel system?
a. Top off, but don't overfill
b. Drain and store
c. Run it dry

9. With what do you treat the cabin?
a. Pine scent air freshener
b. Mothballs
c. Mildew proofing

10. What should you look for in your drive pulleys?
a. Burnt or cracked rubber
b. Oil/grease
c. Rust

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