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Find Boat Shows and Parades In and Around Your Area

Not only do boat shows allow you to see the newest models up close and personal, they also deliver a wealth of other products, information and training.  Search now and find a local boat show or parade in or near your town.*

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*The information contained in our boat show database is obtained from a variety of sources. While it is accurate at the time of entry, we recommend you check with your local boat show to be sure times and dates have not changed


What Can You Expect At Your Local Boat Show?

All boat shows are different (that's part of the excitement) but most offer some common elements.  For example, in addition to the newest boats and watercraft, your local boat show might also include:

  • Seminars - Topics range from water safety to fishing techniques and everything in between.  Many boat shows include the cost of seminars in with your admission price. Pay to get into the boat show and attend as many seminars as you want.  Check with your local show to see what their policy is.
  • Workshops - One of the best ways to learn is the "hands-on" way.  From outdrive repair and maintenance to maneuvering a trailer; many boat shows have several helpful workshops to choose from.
  • Safety - If you're looking for information or products, most boat shows can provide a wonderful array of boating safety products, services and literature.
  • Company Representatives - Your local boat show may very well host the representatives from boating manufacturers, equipment and environmental agencies.  It's always interesting to speak face to face with people who work directly for the companies we buy from.
  • Prizes and Freebies - Practically every boat show across the country has prize drawings.  Many of the exhibitors also offer boating-related freebies just for stopping by their booths.

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Regardless of why you go or what you hope to see, attending boat shows is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  You'll learn a lot, get up to date on the latest products and see some breathtaking new boats that will leave your heart pounding!

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