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Quiz 22 Answers

Boater's Quiz - Storm Warnings

Key to Answers
1b; 2c; 3a; 4c; 5c; 6c; 7b; 8a; 9c; 10c

1. If you can't get your boat out of the water, what's the first thing to do in the face of a coming storm?

a. Read your insurance policy
b. Seek a safe haven
c. Distribute PFDs to all on board

2. When should a recreational boat put to sea to "ride out" a storm?

a. Before the first clouds arrive
b. After the mooring line snaps
c. Absolutely never

3. A Small Craft Advisory starts with what wind speed?

a. Typically 18 knots
b. 25 knots
c. Gusts to 30 knots

4. If you get into trouble, how soon should you call for help?

a. When taking water
b. When the engine dies
c. Immediately

5. What do you do with a swamped but buoyant boat?

a. Swim away
b. Bang on hull for attention
c. Tether passengers, stay with it

6. What if the boat is sinking?

a. Remove valuables
b. Roll it to trap air in the hull
c. Swim away, but stay together

7. What gets thrown over the side when a storm catches you in port?

a. Perishables
b. Extra fenders
c. Carbonated beverages

8. If your boat washes ashore after a storm, before boarding check for:

a. Power lines, debris, wildlife
b. Witnesses
c. The nearest launching ramp

9. When approaching a partially sunken vessel:

a. Secure it to your own craft
b. Hop on, claim it for salvage
c. Get professional help before boarding

10. Where's the best place to be during a Category 5 hurricane?

a. Flemish Cap
b. Bermuda Triangle
c. Well inland

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