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The Top 5 Essential Boat Parts

by M. Xavier

It's tempting for a new boat owner to want to get their new baby afloat and hit the open waters. Turning that key for the first time does come with some responsibility. It's a good idea for the beginning boater and even the old pro to remember the importance of checking out boat parts before they set sail.

Whether it's for an hour-long fishing trip in the morning or a weekend on an island camping, using a boat can be more of a risk than even driving a car. So, it's just plain smart to check out boat parts before heading out. A quick function and safety check can mean the difference between a good day fishing and a bad night being stuck.

Here's what to look for when inspecting boat parts:

  • Navigational equipment: Do a quick check of these vital boat parts before pulling away from the docks each and every time. Whether you're using a simple compass or more advanced GPS, having the navigational equipment working right is very important for a smooth journey.
  • Engines: Make sure the boat motor is operating as it should. All that's really necessary here is to fire it up and listen for any irregularities. Most boat owners become acutely aware of what their engine should sound like. Many even become old pros at fixing minor problems, such as engine flooding.
  • Lights: Even a daytime trip can turn into a nighttime excursion when something goes wrong, so checking out these boat parts doesn't hurt. Do a careful check of every light from the running lights down to the spot.
  • Communication devices: It's not a good idea to plan on heading out into open waters without having a good communication system onboard. Check the system before each outing to make sure it's working.
  • Safety equipment: It's never a bad idea to check these out in advance of a trip, too. From the boat seats to the life vests, these should be considered a standard part of any boat part function check.

In addition to making sure boat parts are functioning as they should, there will be some times boat owners will need to buy parts. To get the best deals on any necessary replacements, from seats to engines, it's a good idea to shop around and be certain what's needed.

Sometimes generic boat parts will do the trick and even used ones, but in some instances, getting the name brand replacement will be in order. In either case, shopping around and looking for the best prices is a smart idea.

Many boat owners keep spare boat parts on hand to have in the event of an emergency. From back up batteries to small tools and parts to fix the engine, a good supply stowed under a seat or in a compartment isn't a bad idea. An extra set of light bulbs for the lights, tape to repair seats and floatation devices and so on are also smart to have on hand.

Boating is a great pastime, but it does come with some responsibilities. Making sure boat parts are in good working order before each trip is a great way to make sure each trip is fun, safe and memorable.

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Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=M._Xavier

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