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Boating Accessories - Helpful Things to Have on a Boat

By Wendy Pan

You have your boat, now it's time to dress it up with boating accessories! This can be a lot of fun, and there are several ways you can go, depending on what kind of boating you do. There are many different accessories, from apparel to electronics, to design your boat for fishing or sporting. Here are some basic needs for any boat.

Apparel: life vests or jackets, hats, sunglasses, gloves, shirts, wetsuits, footwear

Appearance: boat cover, lettering, decals, carpet or flooring, furniture, seating, flags

Docking: trailer, signage, storage bin, ladder, anchor

Electronics: radios, stereos, fish finders, antenna, gauges, GPS, weather station, camera, television, sonar

Fun toys: jet ski, PWC, towables, rafts, water skis, kneeboards, wakeboards, water toys

Other: camping gear, fishing gear, emergency gear, blankets, canopies, picnic basket, tools, trolling motor

When you get your boat, if it is small, chances are you already have it on a trailer. A larger boat may be in the marina, where you may also benefit from on site storage facilities and docking. After you do your overall safety check, you are ready for boating accessories.

In any water sport, you want to follow the safety first rule, to assure safety for everyone on board. That means having enough life vests or jackets for all, safety rope and toss rings or flotation devices. With electronics, you want items that are weather resistant and durable. You do not want to be out in a storm and have your weather radio die off! You can pay low or pay high, from $100 to $5,000 for electronics, or more. The most important feature is that it will work when you need it most, so be sure it is durable.

Basic tools are important. It is another area where you do not want to be stuck out on open water and be unable to move. Swimming to shore is not an option, usually! Have a repair manual for your engine on board at all times, and the types of tools you will need for basic engine and propeller repairs.

Weather is unpredictable even in the best circumstances. It is helpful to have some foul weather gear, clothing, and binoculars, oars or paddles, and emergency flags on board. Handheld GPS, weather radios, and emergency communications two way radios are well worth considering buying.

On the fun side of boating accessories, you can custom design your boat any way you wish. Create an island paradise, with large accessory raft, install grass carpeting, put on a fake palm tree, floral canopy, coconut drink holders, large colorful fake fish, and so on. Complete your custom look with island apparel, Hawaiian shirts, straw hats for everyone, and so on. For the fisherman, use netting, have an extra large fish weigh scale on board, extra rods and reels, large tackle box, grill for off shore fish dinners, deluxe fish finder equipment, and be sure you have a camera ready! Any way you go, you can have a lot of fun with boating accessories!

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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