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Bimini Tops - Cover and Sail!

by Susan Fielding

It is the perfect weather for boating, and the sight of your newly acquired boat has got the family excited and raring to go. However, a word of caution; if you are looking for comfort while out boating, then a bimini top will provide the perfect solution. It acts as a protective cover from sunlight and harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow, and can be easily put on or removed for storage.

A bimini top can be made from various kinds of material, one of which is cotton duck. While it is inexpensive, it is not long lasting in comparison to other fabrics, and has the ability to leak. Furthermore, it has been known to degrade under high UV conditions.

Vinyl is another commonly used and most popular fabric. It tends to be waterproof, and moves the water from side to side to eventually run out of the boat. Vinyl is easy to clean, and has a quality range from high to low to consider when purchasing.

Acrylic, which looks great, is the top-of-the-line woven fabric. It can withstand harsh temperature conditions. It is durable and has excellent fade resistance power, although it does seem to fade in color more than other fabrics.

Taking care of your bimini top is very important, and the ideal time to do that is during the winter when you should take it down for storage. It should be cleaned, dried, and then stored. Considering the fact that the top is exposed to natural elements for most part of the year, you should follow the same cleaning methods from time to time on a regular basis for long lasting durability.

Before getting a bimini top for your boat, you need to ensure that the measurements are right. Check the width and height to make sure that the top is not too long or too short. The correct height will go a long way in enhancing the look of your boat and make it functional, whereby you can even stand under it.

So now that you have the ideal bimini top for your boat, there's nothing but good times ahead to look forward to. You have the boat of your dreams that is well equipped; your family and friends can enjoy the outdoor experience while still protecting themselves from the rays of the sun, and all you have to do is get on board and sail away.

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