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Get Involved: Things You Can Do to Improve the Waters You Enjoy

  • Protecting Our Waterways
    This article on how the boating public and vessel operators can help protect marine and coastal habitats first appeared in the newsletter The Foghorn.
  • How You Can Help
    Information to raise public awareness and encourage involvement in water quality issues.
  • Protect Coastal Waters from Nonpoint Source Pollution
    When rain falls or snow melts, the seemingly negligible amounts of chemicals and other pollutants around your home and lawn get picked up and carried through storm drains to the local waterway. This site lists specific "dos" and "don'ts" that will help you reduce nonpoint source pollution and become part of the solution to keeping beach water clean.
  • Surf Your Watershed
    Most water is polluted from pollution-generating activities upstream. Therefore, it is important for you to know about pollutants entering the water from other communities. Surf Your Watershed will help you learn about pollutants and sources that affect the water quality in your local watershed.
  • Information on the things everyone can do to help prevent pollution (for kids).
    A number of resources for Children's education and environmental stewardship.
  • BayScapes are environmentally-sound landscapes benefitting people, wildlife, and the Chesapeake Bay. BayScaping approaches landscaping through principles inspired by relationships in the natural environment.

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