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Do You Want To Find the Best Boat Dealer?

by Joel Williams

Have I found the best dealer?

This question can be far more important than you might imagine. In fact, finding the right dealer can be more critical than finding the right boat.

Because nothing made by the hand of man is perfect. You have to face the truth that your wonderful new boat is eventually going to give you some problems. It will when it’s new. It will after you’ve owned it for awhile. For example, the pleasures of owning a powerboat far outweigh the problems and this is especially true if you have a cooperative and understanding dealer. A good dealer will do his utmost to minimize your problems and maximize your pleasure. The customer-dealer relationship is often a matter of chemistry, which means the right dealer for you is not necessarily the right dealer for your best friend.

There are some general guidelines.

The best dealer will have a strong service department with the tools, parts, and knowledgeable mechanics it takes to get your service work done quickly and correctly, handling everything from warranty work to routine maintenance. But a good service department will be busy, so smart dealers pay attention to their own customers first – one good reason not to look only at the purchase bottom line.

If you shop entirely by sales price, expecting to get another dealer to do the service work, be prepared to stand in line behind the dealer’s regular customers every time. For similar reasons, the best dealer will be close to your boating area even if you can get a seemingly better deal farther down the road.

The best dealer will be more concerned with helping you find the right boat than in merely making a sale. He wants to sell you a lot of boats, not just one, because chances are that if you enjoy boating, you won’t stop with one boat. A truly smart dealer knows that you won’t want to move up to something bigger unless you like nearly everything about the boat you currently have except its size. If he steers you wrong in the beginning, that first boat may be the only one you ever get. Some dealers are happy with that single sale. The good ones look ahead and cultivate long-term customer relationships.

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Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Joel_Williams.

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