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Power Boat Reviews - How They Guide Boat Buyers

By Abhishek Agarwal

Maybe you are thinking of buying a power boat. You probably have a model in mind already, or the features you want in your power boat. At the very least you will have a shortened list of models to select from. You must have already made a list of the accessories you will need on your boat, as well. Finally you would have to re assess your finances, arrange a loan if required, and then get it sanctioned. So what comes after this?

To get some information of the model you will finally select, do look into some of the popular boating magazines for reviews. If you are thinking of going in for a new model, you will probably not find it too difficult to check out a review or two in a magazine. In fact some of the magazines you will find are dedicated to the cause of boat reviews alone, and a few general articles are thrown in just for good measure - Boating Buyer's Guide is one of the best magazines in this category.

The popular auction site eBay is another great source of reviews, as well as second hand boats. At eBay and on other web pages as well, you will find hundreds of boat reviews online. These serve as an easily accessible guide to buying your power boat.

And then you can always use the old fashioned method of visiting the public library. It is another inexpensive means to getting some quality articles on buying power boats, written by the experts themselves. Visiting the public library is probably the cheapest form of getting your boat reviews apart from the net. Magazines are not very cheap to buy, but at the library you can go through new and old editions of the same magazines at a fraction of the cost. And while you are at the library you will probably have free internet access as well, so you could check out some online reviews of boats you see in the magazines.

So much for finding the reviews, in print and on the net. What about the usefulness of the reviews though? Very often boat manufacturers hire writers to review their boats. Well, in such case it is quite hard for the writer to write too many negative points about the boat, as one can well imagine. The solution is to cross check your short listed boats with reviews from different sources. Find out what other boaters have to say about the power boat. If most of them seem to agree on the same positive points, as well as the negatives, you can be sure that you are headed in the right direction.

However, do not be under the impression that most writers who do boat reviews are biased in some way. In fact most of the articles you will find on the net and in magazines are pretty useful. The magazines do have a name to uphold after all! Well, finally the best advice you can ever get is first hand advice. Do speak to other boat owners to get feedback on the different types of boats they have used.

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