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Tip on Docking Your Boat

Hope you don't think just because the left side of your boat is called the "Port Side" that you always should dock with that side toward the pier. There are several reasons why you should dock on one side or the other, but here is the most important:

Almost always and almost without fail you should first determine the direction of the wind and/or current before deciding which side should go to the pier. Whichever is the strongest determines the direction into which your bow should be pointing. For example, if the wind is blowing lightly from left to right across the dock, but the current is roaring from right to left, you would want to approach with your bow into the current and dock to the port side. That is because the current is stronger than the wind.

To determine which is strongest just park in idle off the dock and see which way the boat wants to go. If you see that the forces of wind and current push you from right to left across a dock, plan your approach from left to right, with your bow into the strongest force.

This helpful boating pointer is provided by Catamaran Sailors Magazine, http://www.catsailor.com/.These tips are useful to boaters of all types. ABA assumes no responsibility or liability for events that occur due to actions you or others on your behalf take based on the information given. You are proceeding at your own risk.


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