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Don’t Have the Necessary Time to sit in a Traditional Classroom to Earn Your Captain’s License?

Source: Mariners Learning System, By Captain Bob Figular

Do you want to be a captain but are having trouble with time? Many of our students live in areas where it would be extremely costly to travel to a classroom site. Others simply don’t have the time to go to an onsite classroom at a specific time because of full time work, family, etc. These students may be discouraged to pursue further studies because they feel that they can’t make the commitment. Education should be attainable for those who seek it. If you want a captain’s license but are unable to enroll in a traditional classroom program, Mariners Learning System may be for you.

How does Mariners Learning System work? Mariners Learning System is a system of professionally produced lectures, videos, textbooks, and other educational materials designed to engage the student in active learning. Our system works because a student is able to learn the material on his own time. Wherever you are and at whatever time of the day, you can access our materials and sail closer to the path of becoming a captain. Our lectures are accessible on the internet and through our mobile-based app. This flexibility is crucial to our success.

Before we went online, we had a traditional classroom model where students came over three weekends. The idea was come for a weekend and go home for the week to absorb the information and repeat the process over three weeks. The problem though was our average student had not been in a classroom in 20+ years. Watching them sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day was painful for them and torturous for us. When we offered traditional classroom courses our students enjoyed a national test average of 92%, but since we have gone online, our students test average has gone up to 94%. This is because the students have complete control over where and when they learn the materials. Since 2007, our 25,000 students have come to us from all over the country with many different backgrounds and experience. If you want to be a captain but don’t feel that you have the time, don’t become discouraged; become a mariner instead.

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