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"Rust Busting"

Reprinted with permission from Bob Pone

When installing new trailer lights or after cleaning old ones, spray a heavy bodied protection like LPS Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor on sockets and connectors before putting everything back together. It leaves a waxy film that will stop corrosion in its tracks. This works great on battery terminals and other exposed electrical connections onboard too. Connections must be dry before applying the rust inhibitor.

If your stainless steel cleats, stanchions and other topside hardware are rusting and difficult to maintain, use Ajax, Bon Ami, Soft Scrub, Comet, or other such abrasive based cleaner as a polish. Rinse well and then apply a coat of auto paste wax.

Rust rings. The bottom of metal cans leave behind rust stains under the galley sink and other storage places especially in the salt water environment. Clean the stain with Soft Scrub. Prevent them from coming back by affixing masking or duct tape around the bottom rim of each can.

Stubborn stains on fiberglass can be removed with acetone or MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). Its harsh and evaporates quickly, but it won't harm the gel coat if you put it on then wipe it off quickly.

Attack rust stains on your stern drive by brushing on some Naval Jelly. It contains a mild acid, so hose it off quickly. To help keep rust away from your engine and stern drive in the future, regulary lift the engine box cover and let fresh air circulate.

Rust stains on sinks and drains will lift right out if you rub the surface with a cut lemon. For stubborn stains, you'll have to keep working at it until the stain fades.

The information contained herein is provided by Bob Pone. Neither ABA nor Bob Pone assume any responsibility or liability for events that occur due to actions you or others on your behalf take based on the information given. You are proceeding at your own risk.

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