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A Publication for American Boating Association Members
   Volume 174
 September  2011

Preparing For A Hurricane

by Tom Dove

When hurricanes are deciding where to go and the Chesapeake Bay is one possibility, many of us here in the Land of Pleasant Living begin to prepare our boats for the ultimate storm. A surprising number of others ignore the danger entirely.

After seeing what happened to the East Coast with Irene, the Chesapeake with Isabel, the Carolinas with Hugo and New England with Bob (not to mention the assorted storm hits on Florida and the Gulf coast), we should think about our actions carefully. Your preparations will influence not only what happens to your boat, but to others around it.

Several people in our marina took the fatalistic approach, saying, "If it hits, it hits. Nothing I can do will save the boat from a storm like that. That's why I carry insurance."

That's fine for them to say, but what about me? If my neighbor's boat breaks loose, it will drift down on mine and destroy it. Is that fair?

Learn more about what to do to prepare your boat for a hurricane.

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How to Winterize Your Boat

Reprinted with permission from

There’s a good reason many animals hibernate during the winter. Preparing for long periods of inactivity and seeking protection against extreme climatic conditions are necessary steps for survival. It’s no different when it comes to your boat and motor. Proper “winterization” is a must for protecting your craft, and ensuring that it’s in ship-shape condition when spring rolls around. Here are some valuable tips for safeguarding your valuable recreational asset during the “off season.”

Learn more.

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Boat Insurance

Boat insurance provides physical damage coverage to repair your boat if it's accidentally damaged or destroyed by a covered peril such as collision, fire, theft, windstorm, lightning or vandalism. This coverage is broad, and provides coverage for the boat, including its machinery and auxiliary equipment, outboard motors, boat trailer and personal property.

A Boat Insurance policy can provide physical damage coverage on an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or an Agreed Amount Value basis. Both types of boat insurance policies offer important coverages for your boat but there are significant differences.

Learn more.

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Boater Quiz - When You Winterize...

Nobody likes to think about the boating season coming to an end, but for most of the country, that's what's happening. On the other hand, nothing better insures our winter dreams for the year ahead than the care we take in putting our boats properly to bed.

For more details on the smart moves suggested by these questions, check the step-by-step guide to winterizing at

1. What number should you enter on your storage card?

a. Motor ID
b. Compression test results
c. LOA

2. What do you do with your boat's battery?

a. Ground it
b. Empty it
c. Disconnect it

Continue the quiz and find out the answers.

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