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Boating Knowledge

The more you know about boating the more enjoyment you will have and the safer you and your passengers will be. Test your knowledge with these questions.

1. What percentage of water accidents are in borrowed boats?

a. 8%
b. 32%
c. more than 50%

2. In a sampling of more than 100,000 vessels inspected, about 25% failed. What was the biggest reason for failure?

a. visual distress signals
b. navigation lights
c. fire extinguishers

3. In those same inspections, which of the following items were most often not found aboard?

a. first aid kits
b. charts
c. marine radio

4. If you do not use a radio and want permission to enter a lock, what other signal may be used?

a. alternating red and green lights
b. two long and two short blasts from a horn
c. waving hand signals

5. What does it mean if you see a boat ahead displaying a blue and white “alpha flag” and there is also another solid red with a diagonal white stripe?

a. divers in water
b. assistance needed
c. long term anchoring

6. Before each start up, when should you run your blower?

a. only after refueling
b. never
c. each time for at least four minutes

7. How are the four classifications of motorboats determined?

a. length
b. propulsion power
c. weight

8. Most weather changes come from what direction?

a. west
b. north
c. east

9. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, how many fatalities would have been avoided had the person worn a personal flotation device?

a. 21%
b. 62%
c. 90%

10. Coast Guard approval is needed for which of these?

a. fire extinguishers
b. all flotation devices
c. safety flares

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