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Boat Repair & Maintenance Questions Answered By A Qualified Marine Mechanic

Those of us who work on our own boats take a lot of pride in our work. There is a huge sense of accomplishment when you do the job yourself. Plus, when you are your own mechanic, you also know any boat repairs or maintenance work is done right because you've done it yourself.

Every now and then, however, even the best backyard boat mechanic can use some help or advice from a qualified pro. That's where Tim comes in!

As an American Boating Association (ABA) member, you get full access to Tim Harrington's answers to maintenance questions. What's that weird noise? Why is your outdrive leaking oil? Is that water in your gas tank or some type of serious problem? Tim has the answers.

ABA members get access to Tim's knowledge about all types of boats.

See for yourself...

Tim Harrington
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Who Is Tim Harrington?

A former helicopter Crew Chief in the U.S. Marine Corps, Tim Harrington has worked extensively with various boats and aircraft.  Since 1997, Tim has owned his own boat repair & maintenance facility - Madison Marine Services located in Harwich, Massachusetts.  To read more about Tim, his qualifications and his love of boats, click here.

Boat Maintenance Articles

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